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Recap re:Rules & FAQs

Recap of the rules… Spread the Word! 

1) What the heck is this project?
It’s a House fanvideo by NCISmelanie, KatrinDepp and AleTheHOUSEwife. House clips to catchy music, you might know us since we’ve been doing this for years.

2) What’s special about it?
That your voices will be used as commentary to the House scenes you’re watching.

3) Why is this happening?
Because House MD is ending forever. When the story ends, the legend begins. This is a tribute to the show.

4) How can I be part of it?
First of all, read the rules. Then, you will be able to answer our questionnaire in one of the following ways…

a - English recording (easy-peasy).

b - Non-English recording: remember to provide a written translation in the email you’re sending us :P

c - Written answers in English. Just a text file. 

5) How should I answer?
Just answer all the questions, don’t worry about repeating or not repeating the question. Be complete in your answer, that’s what counts. Nothing else does.

6) What’s your email? Will I get confirmation?
Email is We are trying to send confirmation emails, but we are getting so many submissions that it’s unlikely we can fullfil the demand. You’re getting an email from us if something isn’t working, though.

7) Do you need video of me speaking?
NO. There’s no way anyone’s face will be in the video.

8) I can’t click on ball-y to see the rules.
Ball-y works. If you’re on mobile, it might not be visible. If you can’t see the PDF linked to it from your laptop or desktop computer, enable Flash and pop-up windows in your browser. Otherwise, rules are here

9) What about the deadline?
DEADLINE IS MARCH 1ST 2012, 00:00:00 GMT. It’s soon, but we need much time to make this work. We won’t kick out anyone whose submission arrives reasonably late, but we’d be very grateful if you respect the deadline, because our work depends on it.

10) There must be something else.
There is. But you need to read the rules till the last line to know it. 
 And there’s another surprise we’re preparing along with HouseDailyDose, who will host our vid. We will reveal it after the deadline for the submissions expires. 

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